The Gift of Time Together

The Gift of Time Together Card
The Gift of Time Together
The Gift of Time Together
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We cannot guarantee Christmas delivery for orders placed after December 16th.

When time is short, togetherness is everything. At LauraLynn we do everything we can to make sure families can be together with their child as much as possible. From Family Camps to special family events, time together is our number one priority. This is what you would be supporting by giving this gift to a loved one. 

Once you have purchased a Gift of Care we will post you out a special card for you to pass onto your loved one. Your donation will go into our Care Fund which supports the full range of LauraLynn’s services helping to provide specialist care to children with life-limiting conditions.

Card inside page one:

This special Gift of Care has been chosen for you in support of LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.

Your gift helps us to care for Ireland’s sickest children and their families allowing them to enjoy more precious moments together, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Card inside page two:

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