FAQS - Dip In for LauraLynn

Would you Dip in for LauraLynn on Sunday December 17th and help to raise funds for children with life-limiting conditions and their families? 

It’s an icy challenge, but it’ll help LauraLynn provide vital care, while keeping you healthy too! 

By joining the “Dip in for LauraLynn” Challenge, you’ll be making an incredible difference to the lives of the children in our care.  

We have created a Facebook Group of people like you who are doing this challenge. Join it to see how they’re getting on! 

If you haven’t registered for your ‘Dip In for LauraLynn’ Santa Hat yet, you can do so here: https://www.lauralynn.ie/dip-in

Any questions? Take a look at the FAQs below, or email Cathy & Ciara on challenges@lauralynn.ie  

We’re suggesting this date so people across Ireland can dip together virtually, however if this date doesn’t suit feel free to choose one that does.  

Of course – that would be fantastic! In fact, we recommend dipping with your friends and family. Safety in numbers too! Make sure you have someone to hold your things and take photos, We’d love you to share those in the Facebook group.

As part of this challenge, you will be asked to set up a ‘Dip In for LauraLynn’ fundraising page where you can post photos of your dip! These pages are linked to LauraLynn and we’ll be able to see you completed your dip. You can also post them in the Facebook Group! 

Visit https://www.idonate.ie/event/dipinforlauralynn2023 and select “Start Fundraising” 


If you haven’t done so already you can register for a fundraising pack here.

You should receive your fundraising pack with your free Blue Santa Hat before December 17th. You can check that your name and address are on the list for packs at any time by emailing challenges@lauralynn.ie. Packs are being delivered by An Post who can experience severe delays in the lead up to Christmas time. So, if your pack takes a little longer than usual, please don’t worry. 

The closing date to register is Monday December 11th, in order to receive a pack by December 17th. 

A special Blue LauraLynn Santa Hat and a fun festive leaflet from Cathy, our Fundraising Executive. 

iDonate Fundraisers are the easiest way for you to fundraise. It makes fundraising from home simple! The funds raised are lodged directly into our bank account and there are no fees involved. Alternatively, you can request a sponsorship card by emailing Cathy & Ciara on challenges@lauralynn.ie 

You can absolutely! If you would like to know more about getting your workplace involved in this challenge, email Claire and Niamh - corporate@lauralynn.ie.

Yes! You can wear togs, bikini, wetsuit, Santa Suit...whatever you wish! 

Yes, as long as they are supervised with a parent/guardian. And please refer to our safety tips below. 

  • Make sure it’s safe to dip on the day, keep an eye on the weather and local guidelines! We’ll also post updates in the Facebook Group.  
  • Bring someone with you. Why not get gather a group of friends or family and dip together.  
  • Don’t forget to have someone to photo/video you for proof and post to the Facebook Group or use #dipinforlauralynn!  
  • Get into the water slowly and don’t stay in for too long. It’s a Dip for LauraLynn not a long-distance swim!  
  • No doubt you’ll be cold after your dip so make sure to bring an extra layer to slip into after, maybe even a hat, gloves and thick woolly socks!  
  • A good way to warm up can be to sip on a hot drink, so why not bring a flask of tea or coffee with you to enjoy after your dip. Maybe even bring a hot water bottle!