Adult Disability Residential Service

LauraLynn operates an Adult Disability Residential Service, Willow View, from its campus in Leopardstown, that cares for six adults with severe to profound intellectual disabilities.

While the service stopped accepting new admissions in 2014, we are committed to supporting everyone in the service to have the best possible quality of life and ensuring that their rights, needs, will and preferences are met.  

Following an extensive review of the service and the residents’ life-experiences, and in keeping with prevailing policy, standards of care and the UN Convention for Human Rights for Persons with a Disability, it is evident that an ordinary home in the community with a social model of care and individualised supports in place would be a much more appropriate model of care. 

Having considered the extent of service transformation that would be required to ensure the residents in Willow View can be supported to live the lives they should, the Board of Directors of LauraLynn resolved that the best course of action is to support the adults in transitioning to an alternative specialist service provider that can better meet their rights, needs, will and preferences.   

LauraLynn is committed to working closely with each individual, their family and circle of support throughout the process, so that we can find the right solutions to ensure that each person has a more fulfilling and happier life in the future.   

This transition process commenced in June 2023 and is expected to take some time.  It is envisaged that it will be concluded by the end of 2025.  In the interim, we will continue to support everyone living in the service with high-quality, clinical care and social opportunities, in an environment that strives to promote inclusion and having fun.  

Our Disability Residential Service is a Registered Residential Service for Children and Adults with Disabilities with the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA). Inspection Reports can be located on HIQA under The Children's Sunshine Home. 

For more information and details on services please refer to the Disability Service Statement of Purpose and Function below.