CPC Professional Education Prog Sept 25


LauraLynn is committed to building research capability through innovation and collaboration both nationally and internationally.

In 2018 LauraLynn forged a partnership (a Memorandum of Agreement) with the UCD School of Psychology and the UCD Centre for Disability Studies. The aim of the agreement is to work together in the development of teaching and research in disability studies as it relates to Children’s Palliative Care. Since that time, this relationship has grown, with progress achieved in several areas:

  • The research strategies of both organisations have developed.
  • Specific themes in research between the two organisations have been identified.
  • There has been an increase in dissemination of research findings, through high quality publications and dissemination activities.
  • Opportunities now exist for fostering children’s palliative care sector service staff to register for higher degrees in research (e.g., PhD).
  • There is an increase in research links with national and international agencies.

Just as we prize our relationship with UCD, so are we open to cultivating research links with other third level institutions, centres of care, and professional networks as opportunities arise.