FAQS - Raffle

LauraLynn are hosting their annual Raffle, taking place on Friday, July 7th 2023.

To make this raffle a great success, and as cost effective as possible, we are working with an agency called Rapport who are based in Belfast and have extensive experience working with many charities throughout Ireland .

Rapport will be helping us to get in touch with supporters by phone and post to ask them if they would sell tickets on our behalf.

 €3.00 each

30 tickets

1 book of tickets, unless more are requested.

An extra donation can be sent in to us with the raffle ticket sales, or you can make a donation online or over the phone.

1st Prize -  €3,000

2nd Prize - €250

3rd Prize - €250

Sellers Prize - €250

Draw Date -  July 7th 2023

Books returned to LauraLynn by July 4th 2023

Please call us on 1800 211 780 to arrange for extra tickets to be sent to you.

You can post your tickets to our office at the below address:

LauraLynn - Ireland’s Children’s Hospice

Leopardstown Rd, 

Galloping Green South, 

Dublin 18,

D18 X063

  • You can include your payment when returning your tickets to our office at the following address: LauraLynn - Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, Leopardstown Rd, Galloping Green South, Dublin 18,D18 X063. 
  • You can pay for your tickets online https://www.lauralynn.ie/raffle Don’t forget to return your tickets to ensure you are entered into the draw on the 7th July.

Due to the volume, we are only able to issue receipts at the end of the campaign by email. Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 211 780 for verbal confirmation that we have received your tickets for the draw.

The draw will take place in LauraLynn on July 7th 2023.

We do our best to get as many tickets into the draw as possible, even after the closing date. Sometimes this isn’t possible though and in those instances monies sent in after the closing or draw date will be processed and banked by LauraLynn as a donation.