In Memory Giving

At a time of such sadness it is often comforting to do something positive in remembrance of your loved one. Traditionally flowers are used to pay tribute at a funeral but many families request a donation in lieu of flowers in honour of their loved one.

There are several ways in which you can support LauraLynn in memory of your loved one. If you would like to donate or fundraise in memory of someone special to you, there are many ways you can choose. It can be a way of bringing together family, friends and colleagues to remember, pay tribute and celebrate their precious memories. 

In Memory Gift Card

Choose to donate to LauraLynn and we will arrange to send you an 'In Memory Gift Card' in acknowledgement of the person your donation is remembering. Select from any of our gift cards here

Please enter the card you would like, the address and your personal message in the ‘message field’ on the donate page and we will be delighted to send the card to you directly or to the family on your behalf.

In Memory Collection at Funeral

We can arrange envelopes which you can have at the funeral/memorial service. This allows family, friends and community to come together and honour your loved one.

We can post out packs of envelopes which you can then return to us.

Alternatively you can request in the Death Notices for sympathisers to send us their 'In Memory Gift' using the following: “We kindly request donations in lieu of flowers to LauraLynn Children’s Hospice and you can donate by choosing any of the options."

All gifts will be acknowledged.

Regular In Memory Gift

Why not mark an anniversary or birthday or special date close to your heart by setting up a Regular In Memory Gift? You can donate to us on the date of your loved ones passing by:

  1. Download our Regular Giving Form below.
  2. You can choose to do it online. 

In Memory Tree

You can join many of our families and supporters of LauraLynn by donating and posting your message of remembrance on our Memory Tree. 

Fundraise In Memory

If you would like to fundraise or take part in an event or challenge, there are so many ways to choose from a simple bake sale to taking on a challenge in their honour.

You can check out our events page to see the multiple challenges we take part in annually:

Need help with any of the above? Call Pauline on 01 2893151 or email: