Information on leaving a Gift in Will

While most people recognise the importance of having a Will, many of us never get around to doing it. Making a Will offers peace of mind knowing your intentions for everything important in your life are taken care of. Needless to say, the people who are important to you should come before everything else.

Your support will help ensure that tomorrow’s children get the best care possible. You will be helping us provide specialist and compassionate care to more children and you will be helping us to invest in new research and training for our nursing and professional care team. Any gift no matter how small, will make a real difference to our children and their families:

  • €1,000 – could provide a weekend break for a child and their whole family
  • €5,000 – could provide four families with a chance to attend a therapeutic sibling programme
  • €30,000 – Could provide a child and their family with a full care package for one year at LauraLynn
  • €100,000 – Could help towards the cost of a LauraLynn Hospice Care Hub in your locality

Most people find that making a Will is actually easier than they thought. It involves four simple steps:

  • Work out the value of your estate.
  • Identify the people and causes you would like to include in your Will.
  • Identify executors who will see that your wishes are carried out.
  • Arrange an appointment with a solicitor, or you can also choose to make your Will online, using our free online service.

Yes, simple and straightforward changes can be added easily to a Will. Just ask your solicitor to add a codicil with your wishes to your Will. You can find a sample codicil form on our website at or get in touch with us and we will post you a sample form with the relevant details. The form must be signed, dated and witnessed in the same way as your Will.

Yes. If you don’t have a Will or need to revise your existing Will, we have partnered with – an award-winning free online service where you can draft your own legal documents online. You will need a voucher code which we can send you on request. This online Will-making service is compliant and up to date with Irish law.

  1. A gift to charity should not affect the provisions you’ve made for your nearest and dearest so you may wish to consider a gift that is a modest percentage of whatever is left over, once your family and friends are provided for. The proportion of what you intend to give will remain the same, regardless of inflation or deflation.
  2. It is also possible to specify a specific amount of money in your Will, although this can devalue due to inflation and may cause you to revise your Will more regularly.
  3. You can also choose to include a specific gift or item such as jewellery, stocks or property. 

The following is suggested wording for you to help you when you visit your solicitor:

"I give to The Children's Sunshine Home Trust, known as LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, Leopardstown Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18, registered charity No. CHY21947: The sum of € (Amount in figures and in words) or (a specific item) or all my property known as (name of property) and situated at (location of property) or All (or a share of) the residue of my estate. I direct that (i) my bequest be applied by LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice or it's charitable purposes and (ii) the receipt of any Trustee of LauraLynn for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my Executors."

We advise using a qualified solicitor to ensure your wishes are executed in the way you intend, and to avoid unintentionally invalidating any aspect of your Will. Please note that our legal name for use in any legal documents is: The Children’s Sunshine Home Trust, known as  ‘LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice’  - Registered Charity No. 20154844 and Revenue No. CHY21947.

Gifts left in Wills to charities are tax free so leaving a gift to LauraLynn can help reduce the tax payable on your estate. 100% of your donation will go towards helping children with short and precious lives.

Many people choose to remember their loved ones through a lasting gift in their Will. If you wish, we will acknowledge and remember the impact of your gift in their name in our Book of Remembrance at LauraLynn House.  

We will remember and honour your generosity in line with your wishes. If you are happy for us to recognise your generosity, we will acknowledge and honour you in our Book of Remembrance, you can complete the form and keep it for safe keeping with your Will or Letter of Wishes. However, if you’d prefer your gift to remain private, we will fully respect this too.