Model of Care

LauraLynn has become an important element of the spectrum of care for children with life-limiting conditions that comprises statutory, charitable and voluntary providers across the acute, primary and community care setting.

Our model reinforces the interdependent nature of the work we do, which, at its heart, is interdisciplinary, inter-agency and in partnership with the child and family.

This Model of Care will act as a standard of care guide in LauraLynn. It will be dynamic - evolving in line with our growing understanding of children’s hospice and palliative care and in response to the changing needs of children, their families and the healthcare system that surrounds them.

The model has been developed incorporating best practice in children’s palliative and hospice care globally, as well as more than eight years’ experience of our organisation and staff. 

This document will hopefully be a tool to further advance children’s palliative care here in Ireland and help LauraLynn to both extend our community of care and ensure that we achieve our vision to make every day better for those in our care.