Alex's Story

Published: 05 Mar 2021

You’d like my son Alex, he’s brilliant.

Like most children his age, he’s funny, loving, and he’s always smiling.


But unlike most children, Alex has a life-limiting condition.

He has microcephaly, meaning his head is smaller than it should be, which damaged his brain as it grew. He has severe cerebral palsy and scoliosis too.

Alex is blind, but he can see light and dark. And while he can’t move himself, he does smile – a lot.

Especially when he’s in LauraLynn.

Today, I’m hoping you can help another child like you’ve helped my son.

Will you help another child to smile and experience the joy Alex feels from the moment he enters this incredible place?

Right now there’s another child who needs you and LauraLynn right now. I really hope you can help.

Alex’s favourite part of LauraLynn is the sensory room. It’s full of bright lights, soothing sounds and sensations. He’s transported to a magical world – his very own Wonderland.


It wasn’t until Alex was a few days old that we found out he had a life-limiting condition.

My heart broke when the doctors told me they didn’t believe he’d survive past the age of three.

Alex is 11-years-old now and he’s proving everyone wrong.

But he does need a lot more care than other children his age. I feed him through a tube in his stomach every two hours, 24 hours a day. I’m with Alex day and night.

But when we go to LauraLynn, it’s as if the daily challenges just melt away.

While the staff look after Alex and keep him entertained, I can take a little break for myself. I might use the time to catch up with friends or go out for a meal. But mostly I just head upstairs to the family accommodation and get some much needed sleep.


As you can probably imagine, the last year has been especially hard for both Alex and myself being isolated at home.

I can’t tell you how much we’re looking forward to our next visit to LauraLynn. In the meantime, I know that thanks to you, LauraLynn is there if we need them.

I can tell you without a doubt that another child like Alex desperately needs LauraLynn.

Thank you,


Alex’s mum