Crisis Respite Care Appeal

Published: 14 Apr 2020

Will you donate today to provide crisis respite care for exhausted LauraLynn families coming out of lockdown?

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Ann

Life may be moving back to normal for many of us. But for children like Molly and her family, the crisis is far from over. These are families who have spent months cocooning - isolated and alone. Many of them struggling to cope with the exhaustion and fears of caring for a seriously ill child.

Generous people like you have reached out with kind donations. We are grateful for each and every one. But right now another family is in need of our care, and I want you to know that any gift you give today will make a difference to a child like Molly.

Please will you give an urgently needed respite care gift of today?

Molly has a rare life-limiting condition. For mum Mairéad and dad Barry, lockdown has meant round-the-clock complex medical care that Molly needs to stay healthy. Sleepless nights. Endless concern. All while juggling childcare for their two other daughters.

You can help make sure these anxious and frightened families know and trust their child will be looked after until it’s safe to go home again.


Like all of us, Mairéad has had to do this away from family and friends. Away from her support networks, and all while living with the fear that Coronavirus could enter their home and lead to blue lights, ICU and tragedy.

Can you imagine how exhausted Mairéad, Barry and the whole family felt after months of isolation?

But thanks to caring supporters like you they didn’t have to struggle on alone. You offered them a lifeline with LauraLynn – a time for them to relax, reconnect and recover. Thanks to you, they could be a family again.

Your gift today will help another family like Molly’s, as they emerge from lockdown exhausted.

Our families are in desperate need of crisis care. Social distancing means our capacity is stretched to the limit - but your gift will help the next family who need to escape the exhaustion and fear Coronavirus has caused.

Your gift will support families who are going through worrying, difficult times by providing the crisis care they so urgently need.

Thank you, and please stay safe and well.