Glamourous Scenes at The LauraLynn Oscars

Published: 12 Sep 2023

On Saturday, September 9th, six LauraLynn families took to the Red Carpet at the Odeon Cinema in Charlestown.     

LauraLynn Oscars 2023

The LauraLynn Oscars is one of the most magical events in the LauraLynn calendar. The day was a once in a lifetime experience for the LauraLynn children and their families as they came together to view their movie premieres supported by their very own red carpet fan club which was made up of Mount Anvielle secondary school, LauraLynn staff and extended family. 

Each family arrived in style by Hummer before taking to the red carpet which was filled with the electric sounds of supportive cheers and claps as the children and families made their way inside the Odeon Cinema. 

LauraLynn Oscars 2023

The incredible LauraLynn children playing a starring role in the 2023 LauraLynn Oscars included Aaron Delaney from Cork, Daniel McClure from Meath, Mary Hannon from Kildare, Oisin Campbell and Rory McDevitt from Donegal and Tristen James (TJ) Sheil from Wexford.  

Once inside the Odeon the excited audience took to their seats to watch the six unique movies created by LauraLynn children and their families while supported by industry professionals.  

This 2023 LauraLynn Oscar movies included, Mary Finds Her Voice, International Dan of Mystery, The Mystery of the Missing Magic, The Incredible McDevitt’s, Aaron and the Gang Go Racing and March of the Penguin. 

Michelle Harnett, Senior Play Therapist at LauraLynn said; ‘’The LauraLynn Oscars goes beyond the camera lens, and offers families a chance to explore their dynamics, share their stories, and collaborate in ways they've never imagined. Guided by our experts in each discipline, each family becomes the creator of their own cinematic masterpiece. But it's not just about making a film; it's about fostering deeper connections and creating lasting memories that will strengthen the bonds between family, extended family and community members.   

As the project culminates in a grand Oscars-style experience, families not only celebrate cinematic achievements but also revel in the joy of recognising and applauding each other's talents and contributions. It's a celebration of unity, creativity, and the power of family bonds.  

This project is important because it empowers families to not just watch the stories they have created unfold on screen but to celebrate their family. It is a day they all stand in the spotlight, as a family creating moments of beauty, joy and everlasting memories.’’ 

The 2023 LauraLynn Oscar winners are:  

Best Mystery Movie 
The Sheil Family 

Best Action Movie 
The Dan Dan Family 

Best Adventure Movie 
The McDevitt Family 

Best Drama Movie 
The Campbell Family 

Best Fantasy Movie 
The Delaney Family 

Best Entertainment Movie 
The Hannon Family