Good Governance Award for Annual Report 2019

Published: 20 Nov 2020

LauraLynn is delighted to share it has received national recognition for good governance for the second year in a row.


The Good Governance Awards recognises and encourages adherence to good governance by non-profit organisations in Ireland. The awards were developed by Carmichael with the support of their partners and leading national bodies in the non-profit sector.

LauraLynn’s recognition came in the form of a Good Governance Award for our Annual Report 2019.

This achievement is a huge testament to the robust process LauraLynn has put in place, the extensive engagement with stakeholders and the coherent evidence-based plan we have set within the strategy. 

Our Annual Report serves as an important tool to ensure our donors, funders & supporters of the impact that their support makes. It allows us be transparent with our supporters and showcases the work that their support allows us to do.

Good governance matters not only because it promotes compliance with the law but also because it has a strong bearing on the organisation’s effectiveness in achieving its mission.

Commenting on LauraLynn’s win, Acting CEO Bevan Ritchie, said:

"We are thrilled in LauraLynn Children’s Hospice to have won a Good Governance Award for our Annual Report 2019. Good Governance is something that we prioritise and strive to achieve as an organization, so it is an honour to be acknowledged and recognised in this space. This award is a great reminder that together we can achieve greatness, bringing our values of Collaboration, Compassion and Excellence to life. We are especially delighted to have won this award after what has been a challenging year with the impact of Covid 19. This award is a testament to all the hard work and dedication from our Board of Directors, Executive Management Team, all our staff across all departments and our wonderful team of volunteers. Our Annual Report is an important tool to ensure our funders, donors and supporters can see the impact of their support and the difference it makes.  Thank you to all at The Carmichael Good Governance Awards for this recognition''.

To read our annual report for 2019 please click here.