LauraLynn Announce LIFT Award Nominees

Published: 22 Dec 2022

LauraLynn are thrilled to have nine staff members nominated for the Irish LIFT Leadership Awards.

LIFT Irish Leadership Awards

The LIFT awards which celebrate everyday leaders making an impact across Ireland will take place in January 2023.  

LIFT - Leading Ireland’s Future Together - is a values programme which has been rolled out across the LauraLynn organisation since 2020. The programme helps to generate rich discussion and positive leadership. 

We are proud to have nine fantastic LauraLynn colleagues nominated for the awards: 

  • Cathy White, Positive Attitude 
  • Fiona Woods, Honesty and Integrity  
  • Hayleigh Owens, Positive Attitude  
  • Laura Losada, Positive Attitude  
  • Lisa Murphy, Resilience, Listening  
  • Lauri Cryan, Honesty and Integrity  
  • Marie Lynch, Resilience  
  • Mary Maher, Positive Attitude  
  • Pauline Maher, Accountability 

Commenting on the 2023 LIFT Award nominees, Kerry McLaverty LauraLynn CEO said: "At LauraLynn one of our values is excellence and we are so grateful to have many of our excellent leaders recognised in the 2023 LIFT Awards. We would like to thank all of those from LauraLynn who have been recognised for your commitment. Nominees are represented from various departments across LauraLynn showing the collaboration and teamwork that exists amongst our organisation."

LauraLynn would like to extend a big congratulations to each nominee and thank them for their commitment to leadership both within LauraLynn and personally.