LauraLynn Holds Annual Memorial Walk Virtually

Published: 03 Sep 2021

LauraLynn's annual Memorial Walk took place virtually, for the second consecutive year. 

Memorial Walk 2021

This year’s Annual LauraLynn Memorial Walk for Bereaved Families was the fourth year the walk took place. Due to the Covid restrictions and regulations, we asked bereaved families to host their own walk in their localities, as we did last year. All members of the family and their friends, including some family pets, took part in the walk as the late summer sunshine shone down.

Families were sent an invitation along with a memento commemorating the day and a “Walk to Remember” card containing a short reflection which was recited in solidarity with the many other bereaved families who participated in the Walk in their localities across the country. The colour purple was the theme colour of the Walk and this was displayed in many ways including the use of purple coloured balloons.

We hope next year to return to the Phoenix Park to host the Memorial Walk to its original setting and to offer a choice to families to assemble here or to continue to do their Walk from their localities.

I will finish with a quote from my Reflection piece from this year’s Walk:

“We carry you now - in our hearts you reside. On the paths that we step, on the roads long and wide” - Thomas Begley, Chaplain LauraLynn.

The Gibson Family Memorial Walk 2021
Bernie Kelly Memorial Walk 2021