LauraLynn Hosts Annual Golf Outing

Published: 18 Jul 2019

Coping with the loss of a child can be different for dads but the joy of sharing stories of their beloved child with people who understand can be very healing… especially if its paired with an activity or a bit of friendly competition or fun.

Golfing Day for Bereaved Fathers

St Margaret’s Golf and Country Club, Dublin was the venue for our third annual LauraLynn Golf Outing for Bereaved Fathers recently and the perfect backdrop for eight of our special dads to enjoy a favourite pastime while making new friends and sharing stories of their child’s journey.

Joining them on the day, Chaplain, Thomas Begley, enjoyed being part of the camaraderie and therapeutic exercise but it’s the special space an event like this gives to dads coming to terms with their bereavement that is most fulfilling.

Thomas commented: “From a bereavement programme point of view, ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘being creative’ in how we engage with bereaved fathers, whilst embracing traditional methods of encounter, are the ongoing challenges.”

“As in golf, there are a variety of clubs needed for the range of shots presented to players. Experience and research tells us that a range of collective and individual needs led bereavement interventions is the key to positive outcomes, especially for bereaved fathers who grieve and mourn for their deceased child, as much as, but differently from other members of the family.”