LauraLynn Launches Children's Hospice Week

Published: 18 May 2020

Making Moments that Matter as LauraLynn launch Children’s Hospice Week with the help of some famous faces.


LauraLynn has launched Children’s Hospice Week shedding light on the work that Ireland’s only Children’s Hospice does. “Moments that Matter” is the theme for this year’s Children’s Hospice Week, building on LauraLynn’s maxim of ‘making the most of short and precious lives’.  

LauraLynn is Ireland’s only children’s hospice, providing tailored hospice and palliative care to children with life-limiting conditions and their families from across the Island of Ireland. Our community-based care is an essential element of the ongoing care of these seriously ill children.  An extension of their hospital care…a ‘lifeline’.

A list of Irish supporters including, Ireland AM, Garry Ringrose, Jennifer Zamparelli, Baz Ashmawy, Nicola Coughlan, Fiona Coghlan and Ryan Andrews, have got behind the campaign helping to raise awareness about the work that LauraLynn does.

We are all getting used to spending more and more time confined to our homes right now but for families of children with life-limiting conditions spending most of your day inside your home is a familiar aspect of everyday life. They are all too familiar with having to protect their child from catching a virus that could have catastrophic consequences. Everyday excursions - like meeting friends, trips to the park or even the shops – can present unsurmountable challenges. 

Sarah Gibson O’Gara’s son, Martin, attends LauraLynn. Sarah shares: "My Son Martin has severe cerebral palsy and requires 24 hour nursing 365 days a year. Martin is on constant oxygen and he is fed through a tube. As parents to Martin we do our very best to protect him & that means we can’t leave our home except to go out to the garden for some exercise with Martin’s younger brother Patrick. This will probably be our life for at least the next few months. We’re completely dependent on others. The regular activities and support from the LauraLynn Team has been wonderful and helps us through this time. We know that they are always there for us and that is a great comfort.’’

LauraLynn receives no direct government funding and due to this crisis the charity is projecting loss in donations of up to €2.5m. It costs €5m a year to run the hospice, this year alone LauraLynn must raise €4.6m through fundraised income.

LauraLynn CEO, Kerry McLaverty, says: "As a service, we understand that this is a worrying time for families, and that some families may struggle due to the reduction in external support and limited opportunities for socialisation. We have launched the first Virtual Hospice for children in Ireland, bringing our specialist care into the family home when we can’t be there in person. And we are stepping up and stepping in in times of crisis and at end-of-life with care in our hospice facility. Now, more than ever, our families need to know that we will be there for them throughout this crisis and beyond’’.

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