Renovations Complete by Generous Donors

Published: 26 May 2021

MalMac Construction, Rapid developments, Keggall construction, College Rise complete building works. 

MalMac Construction

In the summer of 2019, LauraLynn’s family accommodation was renovated and revamped to give it a complete make over and transformation into a hotel-feel luxurious space for our families.

It all started when, Chris Mackin and Gary Mallon, the owners of MalMac Construction dropped in to LauraLynn in May 2019 and said that they would love to help out if there was any building work they could assist with and from there Project 5 Star was born.

Garry and Chris contacted their construction partners Aidy Swift, Francis McNally, and Liam Johnson who were immediately on board and planning of the project began.

Belinda Rohan, owner of Belinda Rohan Interiors came on board offering her services free of charge working alongside MalMac and co. The entire renovation project had no cost to LauraLynn. Garry and Chris organised and managed the various trades from gutting out stage to completion and sourced all materials and with Belinda sourced all furnishings to give the rooms that hotel feel.

Fundraising Manager, Gillian Neary, who lead the project from LauraLynn said: "MalMac and all of their contacts have been an absolute pleasure to partner with. Chris, Gary and their colleagues never sought any reward or limelight for their work and have given from the bottom of their hearts. They gathered support from their building contacts and made some magic happen and fabulously refurbished our family accommodation. These gentlemen are true and valued friends to LauraLynn. It was my privilege to work with them to bring some 5-star magic to our family accommodation."

Since then, MalMac construction along with Rapid Developments, Keggall construction and College Rise Developments have completed their second voluntary construction project for LauraLynn which has transformed a waste area into a new storage facility with gorgeous new storage sheds.