LauraLynn Welcomes Funding for Hospice

Published: 10 Nov 2020

LauraLynn, Ireland's Children's Hospice greatly welcomes one-off funding for its Hospice Services. 

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Following the announcement of a one-off funding allocation of €10m for Voluntary Hospice and Palliative Care services in the budget, the Minister for Health announced the allocation of the fund this weekend, including a €750k allocation to LauraLynn in 2020.

This funding has been awarded to a wide range of services in recognition of the impact they are having in the pandemic and the impact that Covid-19 is having on charities and voluntary bodies. The allocation to LauraLynn is a clear recognition of the essential care that the charity provides to children and families across Ireland throughout the Covid pandemic.

Minister Donnelly said: "Hospices and other providers of palliative care have really stepped up to support people with palliative and end-of-life care needs and their families during this most difficult time."

LauraLynn greatly welcomes this funding and recognition of its services. LauraLynn continues to provide vital care and support to children and families across the country and has done so throughout the pandemic.