LauraLynn Winners at Good Governance Awards

Published: 19 Nov 2019

LauraLynn, Ireland's Children’s Hospice is delighted to announce our award in Category Four of the Good Governance Awards 2019.

Good Governance Award Winners 2019

We are delighted to share that LauraLynn has received national recognition for good governance. 

The recognition came in the form of a Good Governance Award in Governance Improvement, for our ‘Growing a Community of Care Strategic Plan 2019-2023’. 

This achievement is a huge testament to the robust process LauraLynn put in place, the extensive engagement with stakeholders and the coherent evidence-based plan we have set within the strategy. 

Good governance matters not only because it promotes compliance with the law but also because it has a strong bearing on the organisation’s effectiveness in achieving its mission.

Commenting on LauraLynn’s win, CEO Orla O’Brien, said:

We are thrilled in LauraLynn Children’s Hospice to have won an award for Good Governance. Good Governance is something that we prioritise and pride ourselves on as an organisation so it is an honour to be acknowledged and recognised for that. This award is a great reminder that together we can achieve greatness, bringing our values of Collaboration, Compassion and Excellence to life.”

Good Governance Award Winners 2019