LauraLynn's 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge

Published: 28 Mar 2024

LauraLynn has today launched their 24-Hour Treadmill Challenge which will take place during Children’s Hospice Week.

LauraLynn's 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge

We have launched today our 24-Hour Treadmill Challenge which will take place during our annual awareness and fundraising campaign, Children's Hospice Week.

The momentous challenge will take place at LauraLynn in Dublin across 24 hours from Thursday 23rd May into Friday 24th May. We are calling on members of the public, business owners and companies big and small to join us for this special event and help keep the treadmills in motion across the 24 hours. For more information, please visit

Every treadmill must remain in continuous motion for 24 hours. The treadmill can never stop because families caring for a child with a life-limiting condition care for them 24 hours a day, there is no break.  24 hours represents the care that we provide in our purpose-built hospice in Dublin, but it also represents the full length of a day for many of the parents and carers of children who avail of LauraLynn services.

Speaking at the launch of the LauraLynn Treadmill Challenge, LauraLynn Ambassador, Garry Ringrose said, 

‘’It’s an honour to be here today to launch LauraLynn’s 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge which is the biggest fundraising event to be held at LauraLynn to date. I am delighted to lend my support and help highlight the 24-hour care that children with life-limiting conditions require and how LauraLynn plays a vital role giving these children and their families a break within that schedule, allowing families to have fun together and make precious memories.’’

Commenting at the launch of this fundraiser, the Smith Family from Cavan whose Son, Jake avails of LauraLynn’s services, commented; 

‘’We are so excited to be here to help launch this fundraising challenge and it’s been great getting to meet Garry Ringrose and have some fun as a family here at LauraLynn today. For families like ours, we are all too familiar with caring around the clock. Our days are often dominated by medical appointments, feeding and caring for Jake, LauraLynn are a lifeline for us. We get time to rest and recharge and simply be Mum and Dad again, making memories as a family.’’