Little Stars of LauraLynn light up the Abbey

Published: 22 Feb 2024

LauraLynn are celebrating the success of their third Abbey Theatre performance.

Abbey Theatre

LauraLynn are celebrating the success of their third Abbey Theatre performance which saw six of LauraLynn’s little stars take to the prestigious stage. The cast included the wonderful  - Amelia, Cillian, Aine, Eoghan, Heidi and Darragh.

The original script entitled ‘The Invitation’, written by Paul Timoney, followed the adventures of six children from LauraLynn through a magical story filled with bravery, action, excitement and thrills. A show-stopping performance by each actor wowed the crowds while the tale of cranky grannies, Mr Tumble and a special invitation ensured this performance was anything but ordinary!

For the third time in its history, the curtains in the Abbey Theatre raised to a full accessible production, with original soundtrack, set design and costumes. This unique performance was held in conjunction with the Abbey Theatre and the National Gallery of Ireland. Each star of the performance had a costume designed specifically for their wheelchair by the National Gallery of Ireland. 

Parents, siblings, family and friends were in attendance, who all joined in the celebrations of this magnificent performance. Each child was given the full celebrity treatment with hair, makeup and costumes provided to jazz up the day. 

Michelle Hartnett, Senior Play Therapist at LauraLynn and the Abbey Theatre Event Co-ordinator, says: This collaboration is a testament to the resilience and spirit of these remarkable children. Our aim is to foster an environment where creativity knows no bounds, and where each child's character is celebrated. Through the magic of theatre, we aim to create memories and moments of pure joy for these children and their families.”

We extend our deepest gratitude to The Abbey Theatre for graciously hosting our families, volunteers and staff for "The Invitation" performance. Your historic venue provided the perfect backdrop to the performance, and we are truly appreciative of your support.