Meet Alex

Published: 10 Apr 2019

Mags was six months pregnant…with twins, then at 28 weeks everything changed.


Doctors battled to save her two babies – Alex and Adam. Both made it through delivery but Alex suffered profound and severe effects from his premature birth. Ones he can never recover from.

When Alex and his family came to the LauraLynn Family Camp, we noticed the very special bond that Alex has with his twin brother Adam.

Without words he just seems to sense when Alex needs him. When something is off you’ll see him go over and just hold his hand or give him a little squeeze.

But it is not easy for Adam. To worry and miss his brother. 

How can you explain that to your friends? How could other children ever understand?

When families come to camp at LauraLynn – everyone understands. They meet other siblings and they don’t need to explain. These camps remove the condition or illness as a barrier.

Family Camp

Moments like these are so important. It’s not because of the big activities. It’s the gentle hug. The laughter.

There are so many families who need us. For some of these families it might be their only chance for fun as a whole family together.

There isn’t a value you can place on that.

Please, help a family like Alex’s make the most of every moment of their child’s life. It is through your donations that we are able to help create these special moments.

Thank you.