Meet Daniel

Published: 02 Aug 2021

Daniel is a 13-year-old young man with an infectious laugh and vibrant personality.

Daniel sharing a kiss with his mum during an event at LauraLynn

Daniel is always up for an adventure and loves to be outdoors. When he visits LauraLynn, he enjoys exploring the playground and gardens.  

Daniel has been coming to LauraLynn since he was five-years-old. He cannot walk, talk, or eat and is fed through a tube, he suffers multiple seizures daily and requires around the clock care and his condition remains undiagnosed, but despite all of this he is a happy and sociable teenager who loves music and interaction with people.  

Daniel enjoys lots of little moments at LauraLynn and his mum, Monika, tells us why these moments are so important 

"Our family are all about creating amazing memories and this is one thing that LauraLynn do with Daniel so well, whether it be a creative piece of craft to mark a specific occasion like Mother’s Day or a full-blown spectacle at the Abbey Theatre. These are all happy occasions and activities that Dan enjoys and they create a special memory for all the family."