Meet Evan

Published: 02 Aug 2021

Evan is sociable and has a great sense of humour. He loves activities including music, art and swimming! 

Evan playing the drums and smiling at LauraLynn

Evan is 11-years-old and he loves interacting with both children and adults and has lots of good friends at LauraLynn. Although, Evan is non-vocal, he has a strong desire to communicate, using his eyes, hands, vocalisations, laughter and his lovely smile. 

Evan was born with a rare genetic disorder that means he is severely disabled, both intellectually and physically. However, despite these limitations, he is emotionally astute with a good sense of humour and really enjoys life, finding happiness, joy and fun wherever he can.

Evan enjoys lots of little moments at LauraLynn and his mum, Maggie, tells us about one of those little moments:

"He loves getting treated to foot massage and hanging out in the sensory room when he stays in LauraLynn. He also had a very memorable moment at a drumming workshop in LauraLynn when Hozier had his picture taken with him!"