Meet Joshua and Olivia

Published: 02 Aug 2021

Joshua and Olivia are playful and outgoing.  Meeting therapy dog Jessie in LauraLynn was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Joshua and Olivia making friends with Jesse the dog in LauraLynn

Siblings, Joshua (age 7) and Olivia (age 5), are two very unique little children. They are balls of energy that can brighten up any room they are in. Despite being extremely small they both have huge personalities and are very independent and head strong. Joshua, like most boys, loves pretending to be a ninja, pirate or cowboy. He loves to rope his sister into his games. Olivia loves pretending to be a baby and getting stuck into some messy play. There’s always lots of fun and laughter when Joshua and Olivia come to visit.  

Joshua and Olivia first started attending Lauralynn in 2019. They unfortunately have spent much of their early life very ill in hospital and their condition makes them medically complex and even minor illnesses can become serious very quickly. 

Joshua and Olivia share lots of little moments together when they visit LauraLynn. Their mum, Laura, says:  

"Joshua and Olivia love everything about their stays in LauraLynn. The staff go out of their way to personalise their visit around fun activities. They both absolutely love the sensory room and sensory bath, getting messy with art activities and above all, music time. Volunteers often come in for visits in costume and play with the kids - what’s not to love for any child!"