Making Memories Supporters Newsletter

Published: 14 Sep 2023

In this newsletter, read about the amazing ways you are helping children like Kira in Cork.

Kira - Making Memories Newsletter

In our Making Memories Supporter Newsletter, you can see for yourself the ways you are making every day better for children with life-limiting illness and their families. 

Liz, our Assistant Direct of Nursing, started in LauraLynn just over a year ago. She’s always been passionate about children’s palliative care, and has always believed that every child, no matter what their condition, or where they live, should be able to access the services they need. 

Thanks to people just like you, three-year-old Kira, and children like her, can now access LauraLynn in their community across Cork and Kerry. 

Kira - Newsletter

We hope you’ll take a moment to read about this happy little girl who loves music, dancing, and picking flowers from the LauraLynn garden. 

Thanks to incredible people like you, we’ve expanded the service to support families in Limerick, which you can read about in your newsletter.  

But what we’re finding is that the more we expand into other parts of the country, the more demand we are seeing for our services. 

And that’s why we need continued support. Our hope is that we will reach our goal of supporting every family in Ireland who needs us, no matter where they live.