More Than A Thank You...

Published: 11 Jan 2023

Throughout January, we celebrate Thank You Week, acknowledging what we are grateful for. 

Light Up A Life

On January 11th, we celebrate International Thank You Day, taking time to reflect and acknowledge what we are grateful for in our personal and work lives, and the people who enrich our daily lives.

Expressing gratitude means a multitude of things to me. It is much more than a simple thank you. Acknowledging a person’s value can be a powerful way of building stronger relationships, improving positivity and can eliminate stress and negative emotions. It is easy in our busy lives to lose sight of the opportunities to feel and show gratitude, and to give thanks for the small things in life. I am a big believer of appreciating the little moments and I believe that this can make a huge difference in our lives. Gratitude inspires and uplifts and allows us to have softer hearts with more compassion.

This LauraLynn Thank You Week, I am encouraging us all to take a moment to reflect on our lives and think about what we are grateful and thankful for in our personal and professional life.

As Clinical Nurse Specialist in Infection Prevention and Control and Staff Occupational Health, I enjoy working across all departments and disciplines in LauraLynn. Since joining the LauraLynn Team there are several things that I am thankful for in a professional capacity. I am thankful for a supportive team who have welcomed and made me feel a valued member of the Senior Nursing Team. I personally, have the greatest sense of gratitude to work for an organisation that supports families, children and adults, making every day better for those in our care with the core values at the heart of everything we do.

What are you grateful for in your work life?

Each day, I take a moment to be grateful for the resources and facilities available to me, flexible working arrangements, car parking, a canteen that provides delicious food daily, and a beautiful environment maintained to a high standard.  A supportive environment to maintain my professional development with access to further education and training. It’s the people I am truly grateful for, their commitment to maintaining high standards, and the chat over a cuppa (also free!) Whilst I am aware that these might appear like very basic things to be grateful for, for me, largely these are the things that make LauraLynn a great place to work.

As organisational lead for Wellbeing, the committee and I, with careful thought and consideration, have structured a Wellbeing programme and calendar of events for 2023, reflecting suggestions from all in LauraLynn. The optimum goal of the Wellbeing programme is to recognise the needs of our staff and show them that we value them. Being valued and appreciated helps us reinforce a positive sense of self-worth.

Finally, to repeat the simple phrase ‘THANK YOU’, for all that you are, all that you do, and all that you bring. Please, take a moment this week to reflect on your life and think about what you're grateful and thankful for. 

Nicola Monahan,

Clinical Nurse Specialist