Project 5 Star Kicks Off In LauraLynn

Published: 18 Oct 2019

LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, provides special hospice care to children with life-limiting conditions from all over Ireland, and supports to their families. 

LL House

Our holistic approach enables us to support the whole family; allowing patients to be children and parents to be mums and dads instead of full-time carers. 

The ethos at LauraLynn is to gather the entire family into our care along with caring for their child. Our wide range of supports and services are crafted to make this incredibly difficult time a little easier for each member of the family and LauraLynn House is designed to welcome each member of the family and make them feel at ease.

Now that we are over eight-years-old, there are some parts of LauraLynn House that need a little touch of a magic five star wand. 

We want to update some of our very important rooms over the next couple of weeks to make sure every one feels 'at-home' and comfortable during their stay at LauraLynn.

So make sure and watch this space for our big renovation reveal!