Our Finances

LauraLynn is financed largely through the generosity of public donations for our children’s hospice and palliative care service, while the HSE funds our adult and children Disability Services under a Section Service Level Arrangement.

LauraLynn is proud to be a ‘Triple Lock Member’ of the Charities Institute of Ireland. We take the commitment and trust of our donors and funders seriously and we honour it by providing clear and transparent information about how we raise our money, how we account for it and how we spend it.

Here’s how our money was spent in 2018…

For every €1 we spend

  • 85c - Service Provision
  • 11c - Generating Funds
  • 2c - Sustainable income generation
  • 2c - Governance


Thanks to the generosity and goodwill of the public and business community, in 2018 we raised to €3,722,451 for our children’s hospice care services. This represents an increase of 10.4% on our 2017 fundraising income. In addition, we received a one off donation of €2.4 million from the Immigrant Investment Programme (IIP) operated by the Department of Justice and Equality’s Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service to support our care. This brought our total funds raised to a staggering €6,122,451 in 2018.

Further information is available in our annual reports, which are available to download. If you have any queries about our finances, please contact Sarah O’Callaghan at 01 2893151.

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