Symptom Management

Here at LauraLynn we know that children with life-limiting conditions may have symptoms that are difficult to manage and distressing for both the child and family.

We also know that families may want additional support and advice to manage ever-changing symptoms over the course of their child’s life.

In LauraLynn symptom assessment and management is considered the responsibility of the entire team and is always carried out in partnership with the individual child and family, along with the child’s primary paediatrician and other relevant healthcare professionals.

Our Symptom Management and Supportive Care Team is led by our Consultant Paediatrician, who in conjunction with our team of Clinical Nurse Specialists, and additional support from our GPs, aim to provide a responsive and effective specialist symptom assessment and management service.

Some of our symptom management supports include:

  • Planned stays in LauraLynn House or home visits to assess and manage distressing symptoms.
  • Regular reviews by our specialist Care team to ensure a total approach to care, allowing for the complex interplay of physical, environmental and psychological factors.
  • 24-hour access to telephone support and advice for both families and professionals.
  • Symptom management care plans and clear documentation on medication management.

For additional information on how we can help with symptom management please email or phone 01-289-3151 and ask to speak to a Clinical Nurse Specialist.