Top Tips for Aspiring Fundraisers

  • Keep it simple: something you will enjoy. Some of the best events are the simplest.
  • Online Sponsorship: Use IDonate, JustGiving, or Facebook – making it super easy for friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your efforts. A great tool for those you don’t see very often or can’t make it to the event. The funds are transferred automatically to our LauraLynn bank account one month in arrears. Tip: donate to your page first & add photos! 
  • Special Reason: If you have a special or personal reason for supporting LauraLynn, share it with potential supporters and the local press as it will help bring your fundraising to life.
  • Tell us about it: We’d love to hear what you’re planning and can provide you with posters, balloons and materials to help add a little LauraLynn sparkle! Email Cathy or Liz on or fill out our fundraising form.
  • Don’t be afraid to ASK!: Send letters or emails to friends, family and colleagues explaining what you’re doing, requesting their support.
  • Sponsorship Cards: We can provide you with a sponsorship card. This is numbered and logged to your fundraiser on our system for auditing purposes so it’s important to keep it safe and return it to us once your fundraiser is complete. 
  • Double your money: Many companies offer a Matching Scheme. Check with your workplace, your money could be doubled!
  • Thank Everyone – Don’t forget to thank everyone. Let people know how grateful we all are for their support.

Browse our Pick ‘n’ Mix of fundraising ideas, there’s bound to be one that suits you!

  • Coffee Morning or Butterfly Tea Party – nothing like enjoying a hot beverage on the cooler Autumn mornings!
  • Schools fundraising – ask your school or class to pick LauraLynn as their charity for the year
  • Halloween fancy dress event in work/school/college
  • Pumpkin carving competition
  • Christmas Sale or Fair
  • Fundraising Easter Egg Hunt
  • Sponsored New Year’s Resolution

Set yourself a sporting challenge to raise funds:

  • Sponsored walk – a 5k or 10k route are usually ideal
  • Cycle to your nearest town or across the country, challenge yourself to a certain distance
  • Sponsored fancy dress walk across town
  • Hold a charity football or other sporting tournament

Undertake another organised challenge see our online events calendar.

How much embarrassment can you take?! Making people laugh is a sure way to bring in donations!

  • Get more or less hairy by shaving your head, waxing your chest or growing a moustache – take part in Movember!
  • Get sponsored to wear your worst fashion faux pas to work
  • Go GREEN for the day (good one to do close to St Patrick’s Day)
  • Hold a sponsored Come Dine With Me competition with friends
  • Charity fashion show
  • Karaoke night
  • Bollywood night
  • Quiz night

You don’t need to book the Ritz to put on a great fundraising bash, get your friends & family round and raise funds from the comfort of your own home. Host a:

  • Coffee Morning or Butterfly Tea Party
  • Garden party or BBQ
  • Cheese and wine night
  • Themed fancy dress party
  • Come Dine With Me dinner group
  • Fortune Telling Evening
  • Battery collection – collect your batteries & send to WEEE who donate to us
  • Clothes collection – collect old clothes & send to Bag2School who donate % to us
  • Sell your unwanted items on eBay for charity
  • Coin Collection – you’d be amazed how much those pennies can add up to!

Fundraising at work is a great excuse to have fun during the 9-5.

  • Cake sale, Bake Off, Coffee Morning or all three!
  • Dress down or fancy dress Friday
  • Make your colleagues lunch for a fiver each
  • Become Super Heroes for the Day
  • Office Olympics or stationery cycle/run
  • Choose us as your Charity of the Year

Get the ball rolling! – Contact Claire on for your sponsorship pack today.

Still stuck for inspiration? Check out our online events page to join an existing fundraiser.