FAQs - Locks of Love for LauraLynn

The Little Princess Trust - Based in the UK but every year they provide beautiful handmade wigs for children across Ireland & the UK. Click here for more information: www.littleprincesses.org.uk/donate-hair/ 

Rapunzel Foundation is based in Ireland and requires 14inches of hair or longer. Please click here for more information: Donate Hair – Rapunzel Foundation 

Important: LauraLynn DO NOT accept hair donations. 

Little Princess Trust requires 12inches or more - www.littleprincesses.org.uk/donate-hair 

Rapunzel Foundation requires 14inches or more - Donate Hair – Rapunzel Foundation 

You can download our ruler to measure the length. 

Print off your Hair Donation Form and post the form with your hair donation to either of the following wig charities: 

If you have 12inches or longer, please post to: 

The Little Princess Trust 
The Hannah Tarplee Building 
22-25 Berrington Street 
HR4 0BJ 

If you have 14inches or longer, please post to: 

Rapunzel Foundation 
40-44 Patrick Street 
X91 X3KF 


We advise you contact your local salons and ask if they would be willing to cut your hair for a good cause. LauraLynn do not have a list of recommended salons on file.

Yes! Just follow these steps:  

  • Wash hair and dry thoroughly. Do not use conditioner or styling products. Put hair into ponytail/s. 
  • Secure ponytail/s at both ends with a hair band, and one halfway down (or at regular intervals for longer hair). Get it cut above the top band. 
  • Place the cut hair inside a recyclable cardboard or heavyweight paper envelope. Include your completed Hair Donation Form (which is also in your pack). Have your envelope weighed to ensure the correct postage. 
  • Post the envelope with the hair and donation form to the wig charity of your choice: The Little Princess Trust, The Hannah Tarplee Building, 22-25 Berrington Street, Hereford HR4 0BJ, UK  or Rapunzel Foundation, 40-44 Patrick Street, Waterford, X91 X3KF. 

PLEASE do not post your hair to LauraLynn! 


You can set up an iDonate page. Just fill in the registration form www.lauralynn.ie/locks-of-love and you will be sent an email to activate your iDonate fundraising page. It's that easy! iDonate transfer your funds to LauraLynn for you a month after your fundraiser is complete, so you don’t need to worry about transferring it! 

  • Take photos wearing your LauraLynn shirt and upload those to your iDonate page. 
  • Add photos before and after your haircut. 
  • Copy the link & share it using your social media, WhatsApp, and email so you can ask your friends and loved ones for support! 
  • Click here to find out how to edit your iDonate page (Edit My Story section and add updates to my fundraising page – iDonate Ltd (zendesk.com) 
  • You can also tag LauraLynn on your social media so we see your big day!


  • Facebook: @LauraLynnChildrensHospice  
  • Instagram: @lauralynnhospice  
  • TikTok: @lauralynnhospice
  • Twitter: @LauraLynnHouse 

Just fill in the registration form here www.lauralynn.ie/locks-of-love and you will be posted your free LauraLynn fundraising pack within two to 10 working days. If you need it urgently, please email Liz - Community@lauralynn.ie  

Your pack includes: 

  • T-Shirt 
  • Balloons 
  • Stickers 
  • Locks of Love information leaflet 
  • Locks of Love hair donation form 

Of course, Please fill in your details here and we will post one to you.

Here are all the ways LauraLynn can support you:

  1. Fundraising Resources

Once you've finished raising your funds, let Liz in LauraLynn know - Community@lauralynn.ie  

Your iDonate funds will transfer automatically to LauraLynn a month after your fundraiser is complete, so you don’t need to worry about transferring it!  

We would be thrilled to send you a Thank You Letter & Certificate for your bravery! It just takes a few weeks to wait for the transfer from iDonate and process everything but please know it’s on the way to you. 

Online: www.lauralynn.ie/donate 

  • On the drop down menu, select ‘Locks of Love – hair donation fundraiser’ 

Post a cheque, bank draft or postal order:

  • Make payable to: LauraLynn (CSH Trust)
  • Address: Fundraising Dept, LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, Leopardstown Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18 
  • Please include a letter with your contact details and mention this is a Locks of Love donation so we can allocate the funds correctly. 

Donate by Bank Transfer: 

  • Allied Irish Bank 
  • Account No: 03220623 / SORT CODE: 93-35-70 
  • IBAN: IE86 AIBK 9335 7003 2206 23 
  • Swift/Bic No: AIBKIE2D 
  • N.B. Reference your name and email us at Community@lauralynn.ie to let us know the details of your Locks of Love bank transfer donation – this is so we track your donation and thank you for your kindness. 

You can tag LauraLynn on your social media posts so we see your big day! Just use the below handles starting with the @ symbol: 

  • Facebook: @LauraLynnChildrensHospice  
  • Instagram: @lauralynnhospice  
  • TikTok: @lauralynnhospice
  • Twitter: @LauraLynnHouse 

The Little Princess Trust only accept 'Great Lengths' hair extensions, which have to come from their head office. The reason is because Little Princess Trust know that their hair has been ethically obtained, and they only send 16” and longer. So, we're afraid Little Princess Trust do not accept any other types/brand of hair extensions.