Crisis Care Appeal

Published: 14 Apr 2020

We are facing a Healthcare crisis unlike any I’ve seen in my many years of nursing.

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Ann

I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well. I know many of us are feeling anxious as we adjust to this new reality and I want to send you and your family my very best wishes in this frightening time.

It’s more important than ever that we pull together and take care of one another.

I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist here in LauraLynn. My team and I are in work every day supporting children affected by the Coronavirus but I urgently need your help to deliver Crisis Care to those families who are most in need.

We know children with life-limiting conditions are especially vulnerable to this virus and need your support so they and their families don’t feel lost without help.

I’m sure you can imagine the absolute panic and fear of many parents with seriously sick children right now. These are families who are already coping with so much.

But they are scared that if they catch Coronavirus themselves, there’ll be nobody to care for their child. After all, if you are the sole carer for a child with a life-limiting condition and you get sick, you absolutely cannot look after your little boy or girl without putting that child’s health in severe danger.

These are mums and dads who can’t ask a kind neighbour or grandparent for help, as their child will already have complex care needs.

You can help make sure these anxious and frightened families know and trust their child will be looked after until it’s safe to go home again.

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Ann

It’s urgent that all of us in the LauraLynn Community are here to support those in need of Crisis Care; families affected by the virus who have nowhere else to turn.

You can help. Will you give a donation to help those families worst hit by the crisis?

You can help us keep their family safe and manage a child’s wider health issues providing support and reassurance for stressed parents.

We are now also providing online support to these families; virtual therapy, digital storytelling activities and check in phone calls. This means families can still maintain these vital connections with their LauraLynn community.

But as we face this new crisis, your support is needed more than ever to make a very real difference to families.

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Ann

I’ve worked at LauraLynn for over 10 years and, as I say, I have never known a situation like this. But I know that my team and I will keep getting up every morning determined to make a difference to a family’s life at a time when they may be anxious, scared and grieving.

And I’ll go home every evening proud of how our LauraLynn community is working so hard to help families make the most of the short and precious time they have with their child.

So please, please help me to help more children get the Crisis Care they urgently need.

Please donate today.