Our Corporate Information

LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice (LauraLynn) is a voluntary charitable organisation which is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by a professional management team. The address of the registered office is Leopardstown Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18.

Lauralynn is comprised of three distinct entities: The Children’s Sunshine Home, CSH Childcare Services and The Children’s Sunshine Home Trust:

The Children’s Sunshine Home Trust (the ‘Trust’) was founded in 1925 and its primary objective was to provide care for sick children. LauraLynn, through the Trust and its fundraising activities, raises income from individuals, companies, organisations and community fundraisers to enable the operation of LauraLynn’s Hospice service, helping to support some of the most vulnerable children and families in Ireland. 

The Trust’s Registered Charity Number is used for all fundraising activities.

Charity No: CHY 21947

Charity Registered No: 20154844

CSH Childcare Services (the ‘Hospice Service’) provides specialist care services to meet the needs of children with life limiting conditions and their families in Ireland within the five pillars of children’s hospice care: Direct Care, Family Support, Symptom Management, End-of-Life Care, and Bereavement Support. The main source of funding for this service is The Children’s Sunshine Home Trust through its fundraising activities.

Charity No: CHY 20245

Charity Registered No: 20080266

The Children’s Sunshine Home (the ‘Disability Service’) provides care and support to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The Disability Service is operated under a Section 38 Service Agreement with the Health Service Executive (HSE). Consequently, the main source of funding for this service is the HSE.

Charity No: CHY 2633

Charity Registered No: 20003289

Our Codes of Practice

  1. The Charities Act 2009
  2. The Charities Governance Code 2018
  3. Guidelines for Charitable Organisations Fundraising from the Public issued by the Charity Regulator
  4. Charities SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice) (FRS102)
  5. Lobbying Act 2015

Our Board of Directors

The Children’s Sunshine Home and CSH Childcare Services companies are governed by the same Board of Directors. The Trustees of the Children’s Sunshine Home Trust are also Board members of The Children’s Sunshine Home and CSH Childcare Services. All members of the Board and Trustees are volunteers.

The Board is ultimately responsible for governance, strategic direction, ethos and values. Additionally, the Board is responsible for ensuring that the organisation operates an appropriate system of financial control and complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Our Board comprises of:


  • Sandra O’Malley (Chairperson) 
  • Angie Kinane
  • Deirdre O'Connor
  • Dr Fiona McElligott
  • Jacinta Quigley 
  • Kevin Keating  
  • Kevin Murphy 
  • Patricia Lawler
  • Paul Kerrigan   
  • Dr Regina McQuillan
  • Tony McPoland 

Our Board Sub-Committees

The Board of Directors has appointed sub-committees to address and deliver key aspects of its work. Each Board Sub-Committee is chaired by a member of the Board. Membership of sub-committees are appointed by the Board and terms of reference are agreed by the Board.

The Board Sub-Committees are as follows:

The Family Engagement Sub-Committee provides an effective representative body for families, guardians and carers to communicate with the Board of Directors and Staff. Having regard to the best interests of children, adults and families in each strand of the organisation, this Sub-Committee develops communications from the Board of Directors and Staff to LauraLynn Families. It aims to develop and foster communication within the families and to articulate and put forward suggestions, issues, concerns etc. for the improvement of the service in an open and constructive forum.

The Finance and Operations Sub-Committee is responsible for ensuring that the organisation is meeting its operational and financial targets as determined by the Board; developing the overall plans and budgets for the various operational divisions that are represented at committee meetings; and ensuring the successful delivery of services and special projects as allocated to budget holders by the Board. In addition it monitors service activities including bed occupancy, referrals, HR statistics (for example, recruitment, retention and absenteeism) and fundraising activities.

The Financial Audit Sub-Committee assists the Board in discharging its responsibility in ensuring the organisation adopts, maintains and applies appropriate and accurate accounting and financial reporting processes and procedures; facilitating the independence of the external audit process and addressing issues arising from the internal and external audit process; and ensuring that the organisation maintains effective risk management processes relating to the organisation’s management of financial risks, prevention of corruption and waste and the system of internal control.

The Nominations, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Sub-Committee monitors and reviews the structure and composition of the Board. It deals with matters of Board succession, disciplinary issues at a senior executive level of the organisation, ensuring that remuneration for employees is in keeping with the Group’s Finance Management Policy and the requirements under HSE Compliance and Good Governance.

The Quality, Risk and Safety Board Sub Committee oversees key aspects of the risk management process to ensure that the organisation adheres to policies and procedures governing care delivery; has stringent procedures in place for the recruitment of staff and volunteers and audits clinical practice to ensure compliance with the organisation’s processes. It also oversees the work of the Child Protection & Vulnerable Adult Team who are dedicated to managing any reported issues and implementation of policies; and investigates and resolves issues which arise from the Complaints, Compliments & Feedback Team.

The Research and Ethics Sub-Committee ensures that research is conducted according to best practice and maintains ethical standards of practice in research. It protects and preserves the subjects’ rights and ensures that the practice of fully informed consent is observed. It provides reassurance to the public and outside bodies that high ethical standards are maintained.